Greenland Glacier

Let the Adventure Begin

(May 7- 8)

After a wonderful flight from Zürich to San Francisco, we spent a not so wonderful 2 and 1/2 hours standing in line at customs. Our friendly customs officer pretty much made up for the long wait. The next items of business were changing our Sim cards and pickung up our rental car. After nearly 24 hours "on the road" we were more than ready to enjoy our comfortable room at the Best Western Grosvenor!

Next morning we drove down to Cognition Cyclery in Mountain View where Edgar Sanchez fitted us out with our new bicycles. Isn't mine just beautiful!!
Then it was on down to Aptos to spend some quality time with my "little" sister, Paula. While Emil introduced himself to his Specialized Roubaix, Paula and I took a long walk along lovely Hidden Beach. Dinner was, as tradition dictates, a fine mexican meal at Rio del Mar and a tasty Margarita (or was it two?!) Tomorrow Emil and I are planning a ride in the hills and valleys of the Santa Cruz area. Then, while Emil is packing his duffel bags, Paula will be teaching me a new Scottish Country dance and then taking me off to her class. I hope I don't embarass her too badly there, seeing as she is the teacher!



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