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Singing in the Rain (28 June)

The last 90 miles, only 90 miles of 3,404 miles,  just the last little teeny bit and through lovely countryside and three states...and it is pouring rain, relentlessly! Adi and Roz are observing their partners with some worry as we follow them along the narrow, winding roads to the SAGs. How are Navi and Adam (and Emil!) dealing with the weather and the oblivious and even aggressive Massachusetts drivers? We were relieved to see our guys and gal spiting the elements and finally arriving safely at the last of 46 different hotels.

Unfortunately, our wonderful Ichi, who had doggedly completed every mile to within the last 10 before Burlington, fell and damaged his knee so badly that he could not  complete the ride. Ichi has become the darling of the group with his infectious smile and his ability to get lost at some point nearly every day, thus actually completing many more than the prescribed miles!

Today's route passed by Great Brook Farm, which I remembered fondly from a visit there with Glori and Mike. You could enjoy an ice cream in the little cafe while viewing through a window in the side wall the cows who supplied the cream. Adi, Roz and especially I were disappointed not only to find that the barn had been moved, so there was no more viewing, but that the whole place was closed, so no ice cream! But I could take some cute pictures, like the one at the top of the blog.

Later in the day, Emil and I found another great restaurant to enjoy David's beer, and in the evening there was the first banquet where many of the riders already had family and friends at their tables. All of the riders had a chance to express what they particularly enjoyed about the experience and those who had completed every single mile were rewarded with t-shirts (which many found was quite unfair to those through no fault of their own missed a few miles!)




  1. Hey, Brian, thanks for the laugh!

  2. Congrats to Emil and all those who finished!
    Eve, I enjoyed your blog very much, thanks for sharing your adventures!!


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