Shades of Green (2018.06.20)

Today I was finally able to do some cycling again, riding 25 miles on the Niles Greenway Bike Path and the Mill Creek Bikeway. I almost made it the whole way without getting wet, but the last two miles really poured and I had to perform the most complicated acrobatics to get out of my wet clothes and into dry ones within the confines of our van. The Cross Roads riders also got their share of rain on the way from Niles to Erie.

My ride was complicated by the lively cross traffic along the route: one large deer, myriad rabbits, a near collision with a chipmunk and the startling glimpse of a beaver crossing from the swamp on the left of the path to the creek on the right. Unfortunatly, as I was peddaling away I couldn't take any pictures, but here's one just to give an impression.

After dinner, Emil and I went for a walk along the Bayfront (our hotel is right at the waterfront) and discovered a beautiful little mini-golf course. I talked Emil into playing a game and for the first time ever, I beat him! Yeah!! (Maybe he was a bit tired by the days tour of 87 miles, a lot of it in pouring rain.)

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed a beer, the beautiful sunset and the wonderful company of our fellow riders.

Shades of orange


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