Riding with Roz (26 and 27 June)

During the past two days, while our husbands have been pedalling from Herkimer to Latham (NY) and on to Brattleboro (VT), Roz and I have been traversing the countryside, enjoying the views of farmlands and forests, strolling through charming little towns or hiking at Owen D. Young Education Center and Woodford State Park.

Since the tours weren't all too long, 78 and 74 miles respectively, our guys were in at the hotels early afternoon and we had time to enjoy their company. Emil and I spent the time searching for David's Maine Beer. Both days we found taverns that were on the website list which should have been serving David's special brew, but unfortunately they were out. Still, we enjoyed excellent meals at the Tipsy Moose in Latham and the Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in Brattleboro. We did actually find a few bottles in an amazing grocery store and shared them with the CrossRoads riders at dinner.





Hiking in Woodford State Park


  1. This is a wonderful photo of Roz! Thank you for sharing the story of this CrossRoads adventure for us "arm chair" travelers. It has been WONDERFUL!


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