Riding the roller coaster through Missouri (8 June)

The famous rolling hills of Missouri were today's attraction. Like a roller coaster they stretch for miles through beautiful green scenery, with trees and corn fields and rich farming land. I had wanted to do some riding myself and set out early to be ahead of the riders. However, the road got rougher about 10 miles outside town, so I parked at a church and set out. About five miles on and I was enjoying the climbs and descents on a smooth wide shoulder at my own leisurely pace, when the first riders began coming towards me. And the second group, which started out 30 minutes after the first one, also started appearing. This meant turning around after just half the distance I wanted to go and Emil accompanied me back to the car, so I wouldn't be alone in case of a flat.

So I spent the rest of the morning photographing our happy riders:


Bruce and Emil




Mary and Chris

In the afternoon Emil and I went into town to see the famous murals of Chillicothe. These were all hand painted by one man and were truly amazing. We also spent a somewhat frustrating time trying to get permission to get the oil changed in our car ....with success. Since we did this in a little restaurant with fantastic homemade ice cream and real espresso, the hardship was not so great.

Note the car on the bottom right ... that's NOT painted!


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