One thousand hills ... or was it "just" 140?! (9 June)

140 hills were what Rick had counted on a former ride. These rollers were sometimes so steep on the descent that I really felt like riding a roller coaster in the car. Since I also wanted to experience this unique terrain by bicycle, I started out early again but this time drove nearly 50 miles to the SAG stop, so I would be way ahead of the riders. However, I never found the stop. My mileage told me I was in the right place but the name was wrong. After driving back and forth, searching, then encountering a pack of hunting dogs gamboling about in the road (one of which was subsequently hit by a speeding pick-up -the driver just blared his horn and didn't slow down one bit!), and then rain setting in ...well, I decided I was not meant to ride these hills.
So I drove on to One Thousand Hills State Park, which Pete had mentioned at breakfast. He said there was a cycling path and I was delighted to find a one way road with cycling lane. I got out my Sirrus and we rode the great big one mile loop down to the marina and back. This accomplished, I opted for hiking and really did enjoy three miles along the lake, relatively protected from the sun by the shady woods.

In the afternoon, Emil and I again went into town, this time to get the oil changed at a Walmart. These are unbelievable stores with the usual range of clothing, food and household supplies as well as pharmacy, tire and lube station, Subway for snacks, and walk-in hairdressers. This prompted us to get our hair cut. For me a shampoo and cut was just a fraction of what one pays in Switzerland and took about 20 minutes. Emil's haircut cost $12.50 and although his coiffeuse was very sweet, she just wasn't Monika!


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