Missouri, more than half way there (7 June)

Yesterday actually marked the half way distance between Los Angeles and Boston, but with each new stateline crossing the achievement becomes more real. Although today's route was not as beautiful as yesterday's, and the truck traffic was a little heavy, I did enjoy cycling out from the second SAG stop in Atchinson back towards K4. After an hour and about 12 miles, I reached the end of the really excellently paved road, turned around and cycled back. I was just loading my Sirrus into the van, when the first Cross Roads rider appeared: Terry, with a big smile on his face! 

At the SAG stop in front of the Dairy Queen I enjoyed a refreshing strawberry milk shake, while waiting for the gang to appear. Everyone was happy to grab one of the wraps which the staff had prepared for them! 

It was after this stop that the group crossed the stateline from Kansas into Missouri. This was an occasion to get a group photo of the Three Musketeers: Mark, Peter and Emil. I then drove on to the hotel, intending to get there before the guys and ready with some beer and snacks. BUT my trusty navigator let me down this time ... just yards before the hotel I was instructed to turn left and this put me on the freeway,  heading off to who knows where! I got off at the first exit, was just a tad out of sorts (had a bit of a cry, I must admit) and then asked the navigator the way back. I was again advised at the last minute to turn left, but blithely ignored the "lady" and turned in at the gas station through which one had to drive to reach the hotel. Arrived, gased up the car and bought beer before the group got there! Uuff!!

The Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one: Emil, Mark and Peter


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