Marion, Moskitoes and Margueritas (4 June)

While our Cross Roads riders enjoyed a brief journey to Abilene (60 miles), Terry's wife Susan and I drove to Marion Reservoir and "enjoyed" the Willow Walk Trail. Fighting off Moskitoes, we quickly traversed the mile long track, admiring the long grasses and the beautiful flowers, then returned to our cars and spent a very pleasant hour talking about our families. We then drove after our guys, just reaching the hotel as they arrived. The riders were very fast today, with good winds and a good road.

After Emil had cleaned his bicycle and we had set up our room, we went to Joe Snuffy's Grill for lunch. This less than prepossesing building harbored a delightful little restaurant, run by Anja and Marty. The food was good and the homemade pie was really excellent. Anja, originally from Germany where she met Marty, was quite pleased to excercise her German with us. Marty also told us of his time in the US army, stationed in Germany to ward off the "red threat" from Russia. The name of his restaurant has two sources: his father was called Snuffy after he acted on a dare of the other boys and spent the change from a snuff errand on candy (for which he was soundly spanked) and "Joe" was a common name for privates in the army (Private Joe).
After lunch we were on a finally get our telephones to work. We went to a Verizon shop, where they were very helpful and assured us we should have full reception from our provider. They looked over the phones but couldn't find anything wrong with the configuration. We were about to have the phones redone with the Verizon product, but this was not possible as they were incompatible.

We spent some time looking around Abilene, then returned to the hotel to make arrangements for dinner. Although "La Fiesta" had gotten a bad review by two members of the group, we decided to go there anyway and invited Ichi and Ken to ride with us. Dinner was the most pleasant to date, with lovely company and good food...and half price Margueritas!


  1. Those are some very large margaritas! As lean as Emil looks the alcohol mush have hit him like a ton of bricks! Haha!

    Enjoying the new bikes?

  2. That would pass me out for next day's ride.


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