How to keep cool on a really hot day! (6 June)

Today's tour was long (106 miles) and hot and very beautiful. Good roads with little traffic and lovely scenery made this one of the most enjoyable despite the long distance. At the route rap in the morning, some of the riders were quite sceptical, but the general consensus was very positive (despite the heat rash that many contracted on their legs). I was continually greeted with the comment "you should have done this ride, you would have loved it". But alas, I didn't. The road looked quite narrow and the zoo in Topeka quite excellent, so that's how I spent my morning.

The 80 miles to Topeka were quickly covered via the highway and I was just in time for the 11.00 sea lion show. The grandstand was full and the lack of shade made the event quite an effort. Unfortunately, the animals were kept in a much too small tank, which would not have been allowed in Switzerland. However, these were "beached sea  lions" which meant they were stranded on the beach. After three failed attempts to reaclimatize them, they were then adopted and trained.
The whole zoo aims to educate the visitors and especially children, many of whom were there as part of a summer camp. Most of the animal exhibits offered important information on the effects of pollution on their habitats. Below another method of keeping cool.
While at the zoo, a very helpful lady extolled the advantages that Topeka had to offer, among others, a lake with a bicycle path just outside town. So, after dropping off the luggage at the hotel, I went out to Shawnee Lake and enjoyed a 6 mile outing on a well built path undulating about the water and completely free of motorized traffic!


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