Learning from the world of animals (16 June)

A hot and humid ride of 72 miles from Indianapolis to Richmond faced the Cross Roads riders today. I think the walrus in the Indianapolis Zoo had the right idea of how to spend the day! After cycling (in the fitness room) and doing a little aquafit in the pool, I spent the morning at the Zoo being amazed by the beauty and variety of life that surrounds us on this planet.

Especially difficult to catch with the camera are the butterflies in the Flower Garden pavillion. There were so many beautiful little winged jewels that could have graced these pages, if they had only held still! Here is one guy who made it onto my blog.

Other rewarding subjects can be found in the bird family. Their gorgeous feathers are a constant source of wonder and admiration for me. Nature is truly the great Master of color.
Animals can teach us humans so much. For example, one of the least assuming members of the Indianapolis Zoo is the very rare Adora gazelle that lives in the Sahel deserts of Africa. With its coloring it can endure the extreme heat. They can live on very little water, depending on grass and leaves to quench their thirst when there is no rain. Our riders can use this kind of endurance on their 105 mi ride tomorrow. Also note the white arm and leg coolers!
So, although the speed king pictured below looks much snazzier, tomorrow it is better to be a humble gazelle than a racy cheetah.


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