Eat, Drink and be Merry (3 June)

"Hydrate, hydrate" Tom contiually warned us when riding through the desert. At times a picture like this one of the fountain in McPherson must have seemed like a Fata Morgana. Eating enough and drinking more than enough are important maxims when doing long distance cycling, and this day after day. However, keeping up good spirits is also important and the amount of noisy chatter after a days ride is an apt indication of how well the Cross Country riders are doing.

I spent part of the morning at the lovely, shady Zoo in Great Bend and found some interesting and tasty inspiration for dinner tonight. Since the fish pond is over stocked, the park began last Friday diverting some of the fish into the bear enclosure. This is a very large area with ponds, a waterfall and all sorts of constructions to play on. Unfortunately, many of the other enclosures were much too small. The zoo is working on improving the living situation for the animals, as quickly as funds come in to do so. The zoo grounds are really attractive with lots of trees, flowers and a large lake.

Another attraction worth mentioning is a small house full of beautiful garden flowers: home to the Monarch butterfly. Here an additional inspiration for dining/drinking: the Monarchs suck the nectar from the flowers with their long proboscis.

A final inspiration for keeping tired cyclists in fine condition while lifting spirits and appeasing appetites ... no not beer, but banana splits!!


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