Destiny America (25 June)

As of today I have the great pleasure of a companion to travel with: Roz Abram. Her husband is one of our CrossRoads riders and she will be accompanying me on this last leg of the tour. This morning we went to the Destiny America Mall in Syracuse for a "walk". It seems a lot of people use these enormous malls as a venue for taking a morning walk. The Destiny America Mall is one of the very largest in the USA and aside from a beautiful carousel, myriad shops and food courts also boasts at least 20 movie theatres (where Emil and I saw "Jurassic Park - The Fallen Kingdom" at the IMAX yesterday).
Roz and I walked through the labyrinth of hallways and stairways, chatting and gazing and even doing a little line dancing when the right music started playing. Especially interesting would have been this Wonder World Adventure section, where everything was topsy-turvy, or the Mirror Maze or the Canyon Rope Park ... but nothing was open yet.

After a good hours walk, we returned to the car and tried to follow the directions on the route sheet to catch up to the riders. We never did find them and arrived at the hotel before the first of the group started arriving.
After a late lunch on the Erie Canal, Emil and I drove to the Owen D. Young Educational Center, where a lovely hiking trail had been recommended to me. The walk through the woods, the curious looking caves and the beautiful little waterfalls where really worth the long drive. I decided this would be a wonderful outing for Roz and myself next day.

Going back to the title of today's blog, I do so hope that America's destiny will not be artificial world of the man-made malls, but rather the world of beauty created by nature.


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