Chasing the bad guys (1 June)

From Liberal to Dodge City our riders covered 83 miles, the last 20 with a fantastic tail wind which practically blew them into town. Sort of like the infamous outlaws who blew into Dodge City on their horses, only our guys were not so unruly as history tells us those early cowboys were. It seems their main interests were whiskey, gambling and women while the Cross Country Riders are more interested in a cool beer, a warm shower and a quick nap.

I spent the day chasing the bad guys. First of all I spent 30 minutes on the hometrainer and another 20 minutes doing Aquafit in the pool ...chasing those really bad guys: calories! Then there was a visit to the Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade followed by a sojourn at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City.

The "wicked city" of Dodge gets its first church


  1. Better watch Emil’s wild side! Haha!
    Looks like a fantastic trip so far. 👍


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