A Kickaspooky walk through the woods (14 June)

While the Cross Roads riders rode into Indiana today, I stayed in Illinois to go hiking in the Kickapoo State Recreation Area. Between 1850 and about 1940 this area was strip-mined for coal. This is actually said to be the birthplace of strip-mining practices and one of the first areas to use mechanization for strip mining. Now nature has recovered from the spoil piles and mine pits left behind, forming  tree covered hills and numerous pools for fish and other aquatic life.

One feature of the Clear Lake Trail is "Spooky Hollow" where the wooden faces of forest spirits can be found high up on the tree trunks ... if you are lucky enough to discover them.

And here a spooky dragon

And a really spooky ... oh, no that's just my husband


  1. Don't forget to take a picture at 6898 W 79th St in Indianapolis (center of Indiana, of course).


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