Win(d)slow Arizona (21 May)

This little play on words lends to several interpretations: yes, it was extremely windy on the I-40, and yes, it did slow most of the group down considerably BUT Winslow was a cute contrast to slogging along the highway for 90 miles! The lady in the truck figures in the Eagles first hit single, Take It Easy, and is a big tourist attraction in Winslow. People come from all over - even Scottland, Wales and Switzerland - to be photographed in the Standin' on the Corner Park.
Another attraction along the route were the many endless train compositions crossing the plains. Just imagine how many trucks it would take to carry the loads on those flatbeds! No wonder it takes up to four locomotives to pull the wagons.

Below two photos that tell a little story about a certain group of Cross Roads cyclists. It appears that they got into some trouble riding the wrong way along the road and ended up behind bars in a seedy Winslow jail!
They were eventually released on the promise of good behavior so that everyone was able to enjoy the pizza party at dinner.


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