"Where the desert breeze meets the mountain air" (17 May)

Today was a tour for climbers: ca. 6,000 ft. The first big climb was up the Yarnell Pass (4,850 ft.). The wide road, good wind conditions and little traffic made the climb enjoyable. At the top the Cross Roads team was ready with drinks and snacks, so that everyone would be fit for the next stretch of road. This lead over undulating terrain and then in Wilholt began to climb seriously again.

When the first group departed from the hotel this morning, I drove straight to Wilholt (at the 42 mi. mark), parked the car and cycled up the hill towards Prescott. On the way there I discovered what was meant by "false summits"! Several times a good climb was followed by a lovely drop, which however meant more climbing. I was more than a little disconcerted by these false summits, as I knew I had to ride  up them on the way back to pick up the car. And I had run out of food!

Luckily Tom passed me with the SAG truck, before I had cycled all the way down to Prescott, and fixed me a healthy little snack to help me get back up the hill and down the other side again. On the way back, I was able to greet a large number of the group who were now on their way up the hill to Prescott. 

 The ride over this pass into Prescott is beautiful, the road good and not too steep. Unfortunately the wind picked up a lot as the day progressed and what had been a welcome tail wind on the way up in the morning became a gusty head wind on the way back down. However, with my beautiful, sturdy bike, I was able enjoy the day's adventure!


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