Underway on the I-10(15May)

With a certain amount of trepidation, the Cross Roads riders faced the challenges of the I-10 and the weather conditions of the high desert. What about the wind? How hot will it get? What about the conditions riding on the shoulder ... and what about those big trucks?!

Well, the wind was kindly blowing from West to East, so everyone enjoyed a lovely tailwind, and the heat was manageable. The shoulder was - with the exception of about three miles - all right. BUT those three miles were really horrible, with great cracks, debris and potholes. Also there was a fair share of flat tires, but nothing to compare with that record 27 flats in one day! The biggest surprise was the great care with which the truck drivers passed the cyclists; often moving into the left lane to give them more room.
As usual, the support was exemplary with tasty snacks, fresh fruit and plenty to drink at the SAG stops. An inventive method for keeping cool in the desert heat were the ice socks: cut-off nylons filled with ice cubes that could be stuffed into jerseys, hung around the neck or even used as decorative as well as effective headgear. 

Robin and Mary were the helpful angels of the day, riding SAG along the road and making sure everyone  was doing OK. With their happy smiles and competent assistance, they were a welcome sight for many a rider on this challenging day.


  1. Impressive photo of a truck on the road. Where did you take it from?

  2. Great blogging Eve! Can hardly wait for the next episode.
    -Jeff (aka Karl)


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