Travelling to L.A. (10 May)

Choices, choices, choices ... shall we go with the animals, or the fruit? On our way to L.A. we are making time for a ride, but it is hard to choose from our favorites: picturesque but long Hogg Canyon, beautiful and gentle Foxen Canyon, or challenging Peachy Canyon. We opt for Foxen Canyon as it is on the way to our hotel in Solvang. Rolling hills, excellent road conditions, virtually no traffic, beautiful views and a lovely tail wind... who could ask for more. We stopped at pretty Zaca Mesa for a snack and then drove on into Solvang.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, three Danish fellows decided to build a town replicating their homeland. As a result, Solvang is a picture book version of Danish buildings, given over to all sorts of touristic delicacies: bakeries, restaurants, olive tasting rooms, t-shirt and knicknack shops, antiques and art galleries and the ubiquitous wine tasting rooms. We enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Red Viking resaurant where our chatty waitress was so delighted to have such attentive listeners, that she gave each of us a big hug when we said good-bye.


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