Routes Through History - The Santa Fe Trail (27 May)

Today our riders traversed the Glorieta Pass, which in my brochure from the Pecos National Historical Park  says "became a cultural crossroad through which hunters and gatherers, traders, conquerors and explorers, immigrants, soldiers, ranchers, and tourists passed" as well as cyclists. The well preserved and documented ruins at Pecos tell the sad story of the flourishing Pecos Pueblo and its demise. In the ghostly remains of the Pueblo it is still possible to imagine Pecos through the centuries.
Inside a Kiva, an underground ceremonial room which were believed to have connections with the spiritual world.

After visiting the Park I drove to the SAG stop and on Paula's advice rode back along the road towards the approaching riders. The road was good, the traffic practically non-existent ... but the wind! I was so glad after about five miles to encounter Emil, Pete and Marc so that I could turn around and cycle back to the SAG. After some refreshment the three guys were ready to hit the road again when there was an ominous pop and hiss, and Emil's back tire was flat again! Luckily he received a lot of support and all were able to reach Las Vegas unscathed. I had gone ahead to the hotel, unloaded my lovely Sirrus and braved those darned headwinds again to return to the beautiful town Plaza, where we all could enjoy lunch.
This evening at dinner we had to say good-bye to yet another member of the group: Phil. However, we could also welcome to new riders: Bruce and Greg. After their introductory ride today they will be thrown in at the deep end: tomorrow 110 miles!


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