Learning about New Mexico (23 May)

On the way up the Pyramid Trail I met Jessica, a young full-blood Navajo woman. She was just on her way down from the top but came back up with me to show me the views and give me valuable insights to her people. With great candor, she also described her own life. Suffice it to say, two years ago she turned her life around, just now finished her BA in Criminal Justice - with honors - and will be going for an interview with the Navajo Police next month.

Having finished my hike, I returned to the road and was consumed by envy! Here was a beautifully paved road with virtually no traffic, winding its way between white cliffs ... until 8 miles on I hit a dead end sign!!

In the meanwhile, the riders had crossed the Continental Divide, and braved two ghastly miles of bad shoulder on the I-40. When I caught up with them, they were already rolling into Grants and I beat Emil to the hotel with a mere five minutes to spare. Since we had arrived so early, we were able to spend some time in town.

We visited the excellent Mining Museum with its underground replica of a working mine. By pushing a button at the different stages, you could hear former miners talking about the jobs and equipment involved. We were amazed at the number of years these men had spent at the mine ... ususally two to three decades.
Of course, we also had to have a photo made at the Route 66 sign, and then we enjoyed a fantastic coffee and some truly delicious pastry at the nearby coffee shop.


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