And they're off! (13 May)

Dana, Tom and Paula look visibly pleased to have gotten the group off to a good start. First of all though, there was the traditional wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean at Manhatten Beach.With the proper ceremony all riders were escorted to the beach. There everyone divested themselves of shoes and socks, and descended to the sand carrying either their front wheel or even the whole bicycle.

 Emil decided to capture some of the Pacific in a bottle and transport it to the Atlantic. Unfortunately, he was very unceremoniously splashed by that big wave coming in behind him and had to begin the ride with a wet seat.

 After everyone had left, I returned to the hotel, put my bike back in the car and drove to Riverside to take a look a the University, where I had spent a semester in 1965. It seems to be a lot larger than I remember! Hardly back at the hotel, the first riders began arriving.

Some 20 minutes later Emil and David showed up. Everyone seems to have completed the first day of riding healthy, satisfied and hungry. Dinner was again buffet style and the chocolate cake certainly provided enough calories for tomorrow's longer tour.


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