Prologue and Introductions


From the 12th of May to the 30th of June, my husband, Emil, and I will be joining Cross Roads Cycling Adventures for a ride across the United States. I will be accompanying my husband by car and also doing a little cycling along the way, while he will be part of this amazing group completing the ride under their own power.

This Blog is intended for our family and friends here in the States and  back in Switzerland, sharing our adventures along the roads and our impressions of this fascinating country. The Blog will also be found on the website of our cycling service shop, Bike Corner in Baar. So  now is the time to introduce ourselves and our cycling guru, Andre Storari.


Me and my snazzy de Rosa at Crater Lake in 2006. I started cycling in the early 1980s after I began having trouble with my right knee (skiing souvenier). My doctor said "no more sports with running, get a bicycle". Over the years Emil and I have cycled around about Switzerland and also enjoyed numerous group tours in Sardinia, Canada and California and just last year a great tour in South Africa. 

We also do some mountain biking, but nothing very technical. On the left a photo of my first bike, a K2, also taken in 2006. Now I ride my more comfortable Maggie Mae!






Although I still enjoy cycling and biking on my own, when riding with Emil, I have now had to resort to an e-bike. I still can't keep up with him on the flats ... but you should see me take off uphill!

Emil began seriously cycling as a great way to balance out his rather sedintary profession as teacher and his main hobby of playing clarinet. It's also a wonderful way to enjoy being out in the gorgeous Swiss countryside. In addition to the tours mentioned above, he has also taken part in various long distance rides (Sardinia to Switzerland, Germany to Italy) as well as one day events in the States (Death Ride, Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, Shasta Super Century). Of course, those one day events were a few years ago ... in his youth, he stresses. Emil is really looking forward to the ride across the States and hopes to find some fellow cyclists to ride with!

South Africa, 40°

Andre Storari from Bike Corner is our cycling guru. For more than twenty years he has provided me with all of my bicycles and other cycling equipment, as well as excellent service and helpful tips. He was also my English student for a while and since he has a large number of English speaking customers, he has plenty of opportunity to use what he's learned at his store.

 Andre is also a big supporter of young cyclists and sponsered our daughter, Shannon, during her brief racing career.






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